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S.S. Fools - The Story
By Michael Allsup

January - March 1976: S.S. Fools in American Recording Studio doing our album.


The story goes that I had just done a take on guitar and Richie was saying, in his best diplomatic producer manner, "That was great, Michael ... but could we try one more?" A fine line exists between tact and just outright stroking the overdubbing guy. I'll take what I can get, as long as they're liking it. Nyuk. The standard joke of the industry, while spurring the artist on to greater heights, is for those in the control room that are looking on through the double glass window between the control room and the studio and not being able to be heard, to hold up their hands making a circle with their thumb and first finger giving you the high sign that "It's perfect. Great, man!," but, actually be saying "That really sucks, man!," but you can't hear them. It's a cold world folks. Control room joking is NOT funny ... except in retrospect. As far as I know, there is no statute of limitations for getting back at the ornery offenders. I find much solace in that.




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