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1975  Lost Generation  Elliott Murphy  Harmony, Vocal Harmony, Vocals

1975  Mister Magic/Feels So Good  Grover Washington, Jr.  Composer

1976  SS Fools  SS Fools  Keyboards, Vocals

1977  Baby, It's Me  Diana Ross  Vocals

1977  Thunder in My Heart  Leo Sayer  Vocals (Background)

1978  A Long Time Coming  David McClusky  Vocals

1978  Desert Horizon  Norton Buffalo  Vocals

1978  Hobo with a Grin  Steve Harley  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1978  Hobo with a Grin/The Candidate  Steve Harley  Vocals (Background)

1978  Jolson Sang 'Em   Photography

1978  Leo Sayer  Leo Sayer  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1978  Pretty Girls  Lisa Dal Bello  Vocals (Background)

1978  Single  Bill Champlin  Vocals (Background)

1978  Toto  Toto  Composer, Vocals

1978  Under Wraps  Shaun Cassidy  Vocals (Background)

1979  Hydra  Toto  Composer, Group Member, Vocals

1979  Lauren Wood  Lauren Wood  Vocals

1979  Peaks, Valleys, Honky-Tonks & Alleys  Michael Martin Murphey  Vocals

1979  Suspended Animation  Evie Sands  Vocals (Background)

1979  Turn Me Loose  Sweetbottom  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1979  Wet  Barbra Streisand  Vocals (Background)

1979  You're The One  Randy Edelman  Vocals (Background)

1980  Messin' With the Boys  Cherie & Marie Currie  Composer, Featured Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1980  Playin' My Thang  Steve Cropper  Vocals

1980  Rescue Me  Tom Jones  Vocals (Background)

1980  The Best of Steve Harley  Steve Harley  Vocals

1981  All Sports Band  All Sports Band  Vocals (Background)

1981  John O'Banion  John O'Banion  Vocals

1981  Turn Back  Toto  Composer, Vocals

1982  Night After Night  Steve Cropper  Vocals

1982  Toto IV  Toto  Composer, Group Member, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1983  Beat Street  Prism  Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1983  Outside Inside  The Tubes  Guest Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1984  Isolation  Toto  Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1984  Read My Lips  Fee Waybill  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1985  Division One  Far Corporation  Composer, Vocals

1985  Notes from under Ground  The Klezmorim  Composer

1986  QR III  Quiet Riot  Vocals (Background)

1988  Heart's Horizon  Al Jarreau  Collaboration, Musician, Vocals (Background)

1989  Darryl Tookes  Darryl Tookes  Composer

1989  How Long  Michael Thompson  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1989  Repeat Offender  Richard Marx  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1990  Past to Present 1977-1990  Toto  Composer, Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals

1990  Portent Hue  Caterwaul  Composer

1990  Sings the Cole Porter Song Book [Vol. 1]  Ella Fitzgerald  Liner Notes

1990  Classic Toto Hits  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist, Vocals

1991  Historia del Rock & Roll, Vol. 3  Bill Haley  Composer

1991  Whole Lotta Noise  Seth Marsh  Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1992  Diamonds by the Yard  Elliott Murphy  Vocals (Background)

1992  Side by Side  Mike Summers  Composer

1993  Absolutely Live  Toto  Composer

1993  America Sin Queja  Ramón Orlando  Composer

1993  Back on Track  Paul Shortino  Guest Artist, Vocals

1993  Jorge Gonzalez  Jorge Gonzalez  Composer

1993  Susan Ashton  Susan Ashton  Composer

1993  Una Epoca Y Sus Estrellas   Composer

1994  Bulk  Jack Logan  Keyboards

1994  Italian Wedding, Vol. 3   Composer

1994  Solitude  Far Corporation  Composer, Vocals

1994  The Plays Genesis: Hits and Ballads  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  Composer

1995  Los Dueños del Swing  Los Hermanos Rosario  Composer

1995  Lovin' in the Valley of the Moon/Desert Horizon  Norton Buffalo  Vocals (Background)

1995  So Far, The Best of Susan Ashton, Vol. 1  Susan Ashton  Composer

1995  Woods to Stock  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist

1996  Got to Be Real: The Best of Cheryl Lynn  Cheryl Lynn  Vocals

1996  Legend: The Best of Toto  Toto  Composer

1996  Rise Up  Bobby Kimball  Composer, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals (Background)

1997  Eh, Paisano! 100% Italian-American Classics   Composer

1997  From the Vaults  Prism  Vocals

1997  I Love You [Polygram]   Primary Artist

1997  Stone Love, Vol. 3   Composer

1997  Toto/Hydra/Toto IV  Toto  Composer, Vocals

1998  Best of the Best  B.J. Thomas  Composer

1998  Motor City Blues   Guitar

1998  Naturally  West Coast All-Stars  Musician

1998  Songs 4 Life: Renew Your Heart   Composer

1998  Toto XX: 1977-1997  Toto  Composer, Vocals

1998  Young & Wild  Cherie Currie  Composer

1999  A Tribute to Garth Brooks [Cleopatra]   Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals

1999  Incarnata Mysterica  Weird Summer  Composer

1999  Livefields  Toto  Composer, Group Member, Vocals

1999  Mindfields  Toto  Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

1999  Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999   Vocals

1999  Rock & Roll Band  Toto  Composer

2000  All I Ever Needed  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist

2000  Empires  Jimi Jamison  Vocals (Background)

2000  Music of Toto   Unknown Contributor Role

2000  The Hits of Toto  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist

2000  Winds on the Horizon  David Such  Composer

2001  AOR Light Mellow: Victor Edition   Primary Artist

2001  Building the Machine  Glenn Hughes  Guest Artist

2001  Collections  Toto  Main Personnel

2001  Hold the Line: The Best of Toto  Toto  Composer

2002  Bullet Proof  Bruce Conte  Guest Artist, Vocals

2002  Capitol Records 1942-2002 [Deluxe Box Set]   Vocals (Background)

2002  Coming Through  Ryo Okumoto  Guest Artist, Vocals

2002  Convertible Music/From the Hip  Josie Cotton  Composer

2002  Greatest Hits...And More  Toto  Composer, Group Member

2002  Jaco  Brian Bromberg  Vocals

2002  One Way Street: A Tribute to Aerosmith   Primary Artist, Vocals

2002  Pigs and Pyramids: An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd   Primary Artist, Vocals

2002  The Songs of Pink Floyd   Primary Artist, Vocals

2002  Through the Looking Glass  Toto  Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2002  Very Best of Toto  Toto  Composer

2003  25th Anniversary: Live in Amsterdam  Toto  Composer, Vocals

2003  25th Anniversary: Live in Amsterdam [DVD]  Toto  Composer, Group Member, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2003  Africa  Toto  Composer

2003  Brief Glimpse of the Relentless Pursuit: Tribute to Pink Floyd   Vocals

2003  Circa 1980's  Toto  Composer

2003  Feels So Good/A Secret Place  Grover Washington, Jr.  Composer

2003  Guitar Legends  Link Wray  Primary Artist

2003  Lost Generation & Night Nights: The RCA Years  Elliott Murphy  Vocals

2003  Love Songs  Toto  Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2003  Love Story: Kazumasa Oda Songbook   Primary Artist

2003  Northern Lights  Aurora Borealis  Composer

2003  The Complete Tribute to Garth Brooks   Featured Artist, Primary Artist

2003  The Essential Toto  Toto  Composer, Group Member, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2004  A Tribute to Pink Floyd [2005]   Primary Artist, Vocals

2004  Best Ballads  Toto  Composer

2004  Ceremony of Innocence  Radioactive  Vocals

2004  Greatest Hits Live...And More/Past to Present 1977-1990  Toto  Musician, Vocals

2004  Greatest Hits: Unplugged  Toto  Composer

2004  Heaven and Earth  Heaven & Earth  Additional Personnel, Vocals

2005  A Special Tribute to Pink Floyd   Vocals

2005  A Tribute to Pink Floyd [Platinum Disc]   Primary Artist, Vocals

2005  A Tribute to Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen   Vocals

2005  Bazooka  Travers & Appice  Additional Personnel, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2005  Guitar Legends: Rock This Town   Primary Artist

2005  Hats Off to Garth Brooks   Primary Artist

2005  Legends of Rock  Man Doki Soulmates  Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals

2005  Rock On: Breakout Years  Toto  Composer

2005  Rosanna: The Very Best of Toto  Toto  Composer, Lyricist

2005  Taken  Radioactive  Vocals

2006  An '80s Metal Tribute to Journey   Primary Artist, Vocals

2006  Chicago XXX  Chicago  Vocals (Background)

2006  Falling in Between  Toto  Member of Attributed Artist, Composer, Vocals

2006  Guitar Heroes, Vol. 2   Vocals

2006  Rock the Bones, Vol. 4   Composer

2006  Superstition  Pat Travers  Guest Artist, Vocals

2006  This Is Rock Anthems [Cleopatra]   Primary Artist

2006  Toto/Hydra  Toto  Vocals

2007  24/7/365: The Tribute to Led Zeppelin  Frankie Banali  Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals

2007  Falling in Between Live  Toto  Group Member, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals

2007  Guitar Legends [2007]   Primary Artist

2007  Hit Collection  Toto  Composer

2007  I'll Supply the Love  Toto  Composer

2007  Monster Metal Hits & Power Ballads   Primary Artist

2007  Noriyuki Makihara Songs from LA   Primary Artist

2007  Pink Box: Songs of Pink Floyd   Primary Artist, Vocals

2007  The Music of Pink Floyd [Aao]   Primary Artist, Vocals

2007  This Time Around  Glenn Hughes  Vocals (Background)

2007  Toto IV/The Seventh One  Toto  Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

2007  Tribute to Journey [Hitbox]   Primary Artist

2007  World's Best Dad [2007]   Vocals

2008  Falling in Between Live [DVD]  Toto  Group Member, Vocals

2008  Greatest Hits [Steel Box Collection]  Toto  Composer, Main Personnel

2008  Hip Li'l Dreams  The Sons of Champlin  Guest Artist

2008  Just Like...Pink Floyd   Primary Artist

2008  Rock   Primary Artist

2008  Sings Toto Classics  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist

2008  So Far  Spencer Davis  Bass Instrument, Group Member, Main Personnel, Vocals

2008  The Heaven of Milano  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist

2008  World's Best Dad Gift Set   Vocals

2009  80s Hair Metal Goes Classic   Primary Artist

2009  Abbey Road: Tribute to the Beatles   Primary Artist, Vocals

2009  An All-Star Salute to Christmas   Primary Artist, Vocals

2010  Rock Biographies: The Beatles   Primary Artist, Vocals

2010  Party of the Century  Giorgio  Primary Artist, Vocals

2010  Elements  Yoso  Composer, Group Member, Lyricist, Vocals

2011  A Collection of Delicate Diamonds: A Tribute To Pink Floyd   Vocals

2011  Kimball/Jamison  Bobby Kimball  Primary Artist, Vocals

2011  Michael Murphey/Lone Wolf/Peaks, Valleys, Honky-Tonks & Alleys...Plus  Michael Martin Murphey  Vocal Harmony

2011  Pink Floyd: The Wall - As Performed By   Vocals

2011  The Rock Box  Toto  Vocals

2011  One Family  United Rockers 4U  Vocals

2012  Top Musicians Play the Beatles   Primary Artist, Vocals

2013  BudaBest Mandoki Soulmates, Vocals

2016  We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Primary Artist, Vocals


The Best of B.J. Thomas [Myrrh]  B.J. Thomas  Composer


Mananitas a Mi Madre     Composer


A Tribute To Journey [Silverstar]   Primary Artist


A Spoonful of Time  Nektar  Featured Artist, Vocals

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