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Welcome to Bobby's new website!

I am happy to share our new website with all of you.

Bobby Kimball started his musical journey at the age of 8 fronting his first band in a little town in southwest Louisiana named Vinton. Bobby worked his way through the Louisiana music scene and by 1975 with a recommendation from his friend Jon Smith, he moved to Los Angeles to join forces with the rhythm section from another iconic American band named Three Dog Night they formed the band SS Fools, SS Fools were signed to CBS records and that lasted about 16 months before disbanding. Bobby was then asked by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro to join what is known as the band TOTO.

Bobby sang on such hits as Africa, Rosanna and Hold The Line. Other notables include I'll Supply The Love, Girl Goodbye, You Are The Flower and Waiting For Your Love. TOTO sold 10's of millions of records and won 6 Grammys in 1983. 

Bobby Kimball has had roughly a 62-year music career which is unheard of and unfortunately has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, sometimes referred to as frontotemporal disorder or FTD.

Our great friend John Zaika is making an incredible documentary about Bobby's amazing life called: "Kite on a String - The Bobby Kimball Story".

Jos Aalders

The California Music Hall of Fame

On September 23th, 2023 Bobby got inducted to The California Music Hall of Fame. Bobby is so proud and happy about it!

Bobby - The California Music Hall of Fame.jpg

Always there for Bobby in good times and bad...

Happy 76th Birthday Bobby! 3-29-2023

Saving K9 Lives Plus


Jasmin and Bobby are doing an awesome job on this dog rescue program.


Saving K9 Lives Plus is an active dog rescue, finding foreverhomes for precious canine lives!


With the growing overpopulation of animals is the hearts of people getting involved to help save lives on the streets and shelters. The numbers of animal rescues growing to save the voiceless at the shelters on deathrow.

This is an education on the work of animal rescue.  The  time involved and countless tears that are shed. Many animals are given up due to families being aware how to care for the pet, how to feed and signs to be aware of.


In Loving Memory

This website is dedicated in loving memory of Jeff, Mike and Joe Porcaro, Jimi Jamison, Fergie Frederiksen, Jimmy Greenspoon, Tony Wilcox and Floyd Sneed.

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