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S.S. Fools - The Story
By Michael Allsup

May 1976: On the road.


After playing a show at a Hollywood venue called "The Starwood," we went out on tour in Texas. Although the quality is bad due to the age, the following pictures are the only ones in existence that I am aware of. And more photos of us doing radio promos with local DJ's in different Texas cities. We rotated guys in the group for doing the radio promos, but somehow Sneed is in all these shots. Hmmmm. I guess Floyd was "slicker" than I thought. Speaking of Floyd: While in a restaurant, Floyd's default joke is always the same. When the waitress asks what he would like to order, he says, "I'll take the Moose Lips on Toast, please." She laughs and then he adds, "also a bowl of your Opossum Behind Stew." His last bit of flirty irritation is whipping out his CHEVRON gas credit card when she brings the bill, always adding, "You mean you don't take CHEVRON here?" (Over the years, shamefully, I have assimilated Sneed's routine and drove my kids crazy in the process. It's always the same whine. "Da-a-a-ad!! You're so dumb!")




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