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Review: Were Not In Kansas Anymore - My Global Mind

Bobby Kimball, the original singer of TOTO, returns with a very special new studio album “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”, produced by John Zaika. WNIKA features stellar performances by Joel Taylor, Tom McCauley, David Butler and much more. The album, already released in Europe on November 18, 2016, and in Japan on November 9, 2016, was released in the USA on April 21, 2017.

A brilliant solo album that contains the magic of rock, funk, AOR and Jazz’s shots, pure and genuine music in great style, an album waited for work for all his fans. Bobby’s voice and his singing style is a kind of magic, and if you don’t know who Toto was or you never like that band, Mr. Kimball still one of the best singers from ‘80s till now, you cannot buy class. The songs in this new album are very different with various influences, the best mix to highlight his vocal abilities.

Great the opener “Too Far Behind”, a sample the introduce to the content of the entire album, soul, and harmonies and his voice fuses to all the song’s melody. “On My Feet” is totally funky based, quivering rhythms, trembling piano the woodwind section, such a good track.

Another good rhythmic song is “Hey It’s Me”, you cannot stay fixed meanwhile you’re listening to it.
“One Day” contains a great duet between Bobby Kimball and Johnny Zywiciel that makes this song amazing, just a breath to return into the groove with “Flatline”, funky a go-go. “Met Her For” is another quiet song well performed just the follower “Hold On” where Mr. Kimball’s vocals reach high levels. A futurist intro for “Scam”, a track full of rock energy with heavy guitars respect to the previous songs.

“You’ll Be With Me” accompany with its intro piano into sweet emotions makes of love. Wink to the ‘70s in “Some They Do”, funky soul for this song filled with that era recalls, chorus and trumpet included. “You’re Not Alone” close this beautiful album in the sweetest way possible.

“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” is a must to have, an album you will find yourself listening to more and more, great music, musicians and the elegant voice of the one of the best singers this genres has ever given us. Thank you, Bobby Kimball, for the emotions.


Reviewed by Valeria Campagnale

My Global Mind

Bobby Kimball We're Not In Kansas Anymore
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