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Review: Were Not In Kansas Anymore - Vintage Rock

Bobby Kimball was the lead vocalist on the first four Toto albums, lending his distinctive voice to hits like "Rosanna” and “Hold The Line.” Given his credentials, one should expect (at least hope for) strong melodic vocals from Kimball on anything he does. He certainly doesn’t disappoint on his solo release, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.

From the organ and piano-led opener “Too Far Behind,” to the heavier riffs of “Hey It’s Me,” (with its catchy chorus), to the synth string sweep and slide guitar mid-tempo ballad “Met Her For,” Kimball is mainly routing round white funk MOR. He lets go with his best gospel-like vocal on “Hold On,” and he manages another, even better vocal performance on the ballad “You’ll Be with Me,” with Kimball and the piano working round each other perfectly.

While the songs offer little in lyrical innovation, the sound and arrangements on We’re Not In Kansas Anymore is pleasant enough. The featured musicians on the record, including drummer Joel Taylor and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Black Country), are all solid players, while Kimball teamed with producer John Zaika and Dave Barnett to write the songs. Vocally, Kimball sounds much like he did from way back in his Toto days. Altogether, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore is an album any Toto and/or Bobby Kimball fan will want to add to their collection.

Ralph Greco, Jr.


Bobby Kimball We're Not In Kansas Anymore
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