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1. Rosanna


2. Make Believe


3. I Won'Hold You Back


4. Good For You


5. It's A Feeling


6. Afraid Of Love


7. Lovers In The Night


8. We Made It


9. Waiting For Your Love


10. Africa


David Hungate - Bass
Bobby Kimball - Vocals
Steve Lukather - Guitars, Vocals
David Paich - Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Porcaro - Drums, Percussion
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards, Electronics

Mixed by: Greg Ladanyi

Engineered by: Al Schmitt, Tom Knox and Greg Ladanyi

Recorded by: David Leonard, Peggy McCreary and Terry Christian at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California, and Jamie Ledner, Niko Bolas and Lon LeMaster at Record One, Los Angeles, California, Strings recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London, England

Additional Recording at: "Hogg Manor" - engineered by David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Dick Hall and Bruce Heigh


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