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Metal Hammer Interview 2

Hi guys: how did this project come together?

The "Kimball/Jamison" CD was finally brought together by Frontiers Records. Jimi and I have been talking about doing a project together for many years, but never had the time, due to touring and recording with other musicians.


What kind of input did you have on the album's songs?

We were sent about 20 songs from the label, and we chose 12 of them for the CD. The writers were very great. All of the songs were written by some wonderful writers (some of them friends of ours), and it was a pleasure to sing their songs.


Who decided what would sing what?

From the songs we chose, it was very obvious who should sing which parts. There were certain parts that fit Jimi's voice best, and others that were perfect for my voice. Since Jimi and I don't involve "Ego" in choosing which parts to sing, it was no problem at all. We just wanted to make the best CD we could, without arguing about who would sing which part.


If you could pick one song from this record and send it back on a time machine to the 80's, in order to make a

worldwide success out of it… which one would it be?

In my opinion, I think "Your Photograph" would be my choice. However, after listening to the CD several times, it's very difficult to pick THE song I like best. That's a very good thing, because it means that most all of the songs are excellent.


Would you tell me three positive things and a negative one about "the other guy"?

I have no negative things to say about Jimi. We're such great friends, I don't see any negativity about him.

As for the positive side, I think he's a great vocalize, a very nice human being, and he has no "Ego" that blocks anything we do together. This is a perfect combination as far as I'm concerned. It was some of the most fun I've had in the studio.


If you were ever to cover a song from the other one's repertoire, which one would it be and why?

I would love to do "Eye Of The Tiger" or "Burning Heart". I love both of these songs, and Jimi defines them so well.

What kind of expectations do you have about this record?

I'm hoping it sets people on fire, and brings back the element of Melodic Rock to the public. This is a fantastic CD, and I would love to tour with Jimi around the world to support the CD.


Any chance to hear this music live, someday?

Jimi and I are working on several dates right now. We have an offer to go to The Far East, Australia, and we've just done a tour in Germany together. I'm sure there will be many dates you could see this project live.

Should we expect a future for this project?

I would guess that there will definitely be another "Kimball/Jamison" CD. We've talked about writing the songs between the two of us, and doing the production as well.


Do you have any message for your fans in Italy?

I do. I wasn't to say that Italy is one of my favorite places in the world, and I have so many friends there. If you get a chance to pick up this CD, you'll be doing yourself a big favor. I would love to do some touring in Italy for the fans there. I'm sure they would love what Jimi and I have accomplished on this CD. I look forward to seeing all of the Italian fans as soon as possible on a tour with "Kimball/Jamison".

Thank you for the questions my friend……..Bobby


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