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Metal Hammer Interview

First of all, congratulations on your new album. What do you think is vibe in this release?

Good day. Thank you for your congratulations. I think the vibe is more "Melodic Rock" than anything else. I do love the ballads on the CD though. It's a very good grouping of songs, and the tracks and vocals came out really well.


What about the idea of this "alliance"?

Jimi and I have been working together for over 25 years, and we're best of friends. For the length of time I've known Jimi, we've both been discussing doing a project together. However, we each were always busy touring with "Survivor & Toto", and that didn't leave us much time to get together to do a CD. We then got an official offer from Frontiers to do a project together, so this was our chance to do what we have been trying to get to for several years. I'm certain it won't be our last project together.

Do you want to tell us anything about 'Kimball Jamison'?

We received several songs from Serafino at Frontiers, and Jimi and I picked the one's we thought would be best for our voices. There are some really incredible writers on this CD. To name a few, Richard Page from "Mr. Mister", Randy Goodrum, who wrote songs for Toto & Richard Marx and several others, Mutt Lang, a great writer and producer, Jim Peterik from Survivor, Rober Säll from the "Work of Art" band,.....and several others. I love the songs on this CD.


How long did it take to write and record the album?

That is a hard question, because Jimi and I had nothing to do with the writing or recording of the songs or tracks. The tracks were done by mat Sinner from "Primal Fear" in Germany. Then, after the tracks were done, he sent them to us to do the vocals in LA. We then sent the vocals back to Germany for Mat to finish the mixes. Jimi and I only did the Lead and Backing vocals on these tracks, but I think they really shine on the CD.


What are the similarities, or differences between his and your style of singing?

Both Jimi and I have a similar singing style, but the vocal range in our voices is quite different. This made things a lot easier to pick out which parts we would do individually on the songs. When we listened to each song, it was very obvious which parts each of us should do. Jimi has a lower range than me, so I took all of the high parts and he was on the lower parts. It made for a perfect balance on the songs.


What does it mean for you to work and made a duet with another great singer?

As I said earlier, we've been talking about doing this project for many years, and finally, we had the opportunity to do it. It made both of us very happy to have the time, and get paid to do the CD together. Jimi is one of my best friends, and I love his voice, so it was fun for us the whole time.


What represent for you an album as this one?

I think it brings our music back to the "Melodic Rock" area, and this is the music both of us love. You don't hear a lot of Melodic Rock on the radio these days in certain parts of the world, but with this project, I think people will gain a new appreciation for it.


What's the one track that you're the most proud of?

That is a really tough question, because after listening to the CD several time, I still find it very difficult to pick out my favorite song on the disc. I love all of the songs equally, and that's a great thing. I do have to say that I love "Your Photograph", and "We Gotta Believe" though.


What about the lyrics?

The lyrics were done by some very emotional writers, and I thought they were done very well. That makes them really fun to sing.

What are the main difference between your work with a real band and your work with another singer?

Mostly, the time I've spent with a band felt more like a battle to get things done, because of the ego problems and money issues. This project with Jimi had none of that. It was only a lot of fun, and a really creative time in the studio.


How was it working with Jimi?

Because we've been friends for over 25 years, it was great to work with him. He also has some great vocal ideas in the studio & onstage.


Are there plans for future projects together?

I'm certain this won't be our last CD together. Since we're both writers, I think if we do another CD, we'll be writing most, if not all of the songs .

Are there any musicians with whom you would like to work but have yet to have the chance?

There are so many, it would take pages to name them all. I would love to work with Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, and so many others.


Any plans to tour behind the album?

Actually, as we speak, Jimi are in Germany on tour right now. We did a live concert on a very big radio station about a week ago, and they loved the song "your Photograph" so much, they started playing it non-stop on their stations. It hasn't been released yet, but this song is already in the charts in Germany. This is a great feeling, and I hope the CD comes out sooner than expected because of this.


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