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GGM Studios Interview

Hi Bobby, congratulation for your new solo album you just finished.


1  The first question is about your beginning, your childhood, when you started singing, where and if you had a band before Toto?

Well I started playing piano when I was four years old, had a band when I was eight and I started to playing clubs professionally when I was twelve.

Hi Domenico. The very 1st Band I ever had was called "The Rebels", and that was when I was only 8 years old. Most of the players were the younger Brothers of my Oldest Brother's Band: "The Rockers". We played during the 30 or 45 Minute Break The Rockers took at their Concerts. It was so fun. I'm posting a Photo of The Rebels Band above.


2  In relation to the previous question, what kind of music you were used to sing at that time?

I was doing mostly the Songs by these Artists: Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, & James Brown.


3  22 years ago was published your first solo album "Rise Up" a masterpiece of A.O.R. for me, what do you remember about this album?

That was a very fun CD for me. I was staying in Germany at that time, and I was involved with a Record Label there. I owned part of that Label, and the Band was very good, and so were the Songs. I enjoyed recording that CD. I Co-Wrote a Song on there called "Annalies" with some Musician Friends in LA. I loved that Song. Some of those Songs were Big Hit Songs from other Artists too. Songs like: "Woodstock". and "You've Got A Friend". I did have a lot of fun recording that CD though.


4  In the year 1999 came out your second solo album "All I Ever Needed" produced and composed by John Zaika, right?

That is not correct. All of those songs on the "All I Ever Needed" CD were Written by Me & John Zaika, and we also Co-Produced and Recorded that CD. I loved all of the Songs on that CD. I always loved working with John on Songs, and Recordings. John wrote most of The Music, and I wrote the Lyrics and Melody for those Songs.

 I also care so very much about the newest CD we just released.


5 Zaika wrote and produced also "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" and one of the musicians is the drummer Joel Taylor who played in "All I Ever Needed" as well?

I have to let you know that all of those Songs were Written by John, Me, and Dave Barnett from Dallas Texas. The CD: "Bobby Kimball-We're Not In Kansas Anymore" is one of my most favorite CDs I've ever worked on before. I enjoy the Songs, and the Producing, and the Musicians. It was so fun to do that CD. We worked on it for a long time, but when it was done, I loved it so much.


6  Please tell us something about your new album that will be published November 9th in Japan.

The CD: "Bobby Kimball We're Not In Kansas Anymore" was released by "King Records" from Japan. King Records will only Sell the CD in Stores in Japan. However, Me and John have hired some Record Labels in Europe and The USA so they will Sell the CD in Stores. It is more expensive to get a CD from the Internet. 


7  Will you promote the new album with a tour?

I definitely will, because I love Singing those Songs. I think it will be so fun to do that, and i know people will like it very much.


8  On your website we read that december 11th dutch television will air your concert in Holland, there will be maybe a DVD?

That got canceled recently, and the date has now changed for my Concert in Belgium. I'll be Singing with "The Tom Pfeiffer Band", and they know my Songs so very well now. I'm sure it's going to be some great fun Singing with them on the new Solo CD Songs.


9  Could you share a thought on 2 great singers that they are not with us anymore that you collaborated with and were friends of yours: Jimi Jamison and Fergie Frederiksen.

Both of those Singers were very awesome Vocalists, and such great Friends of mine. Fergie was the next Singer for Toto when I left the Band in 1984. He had been Singing with "Louisiana's Laroux" for a while, and I had been in "The Levee Band" before I moved to LA. When I moved to LA and quit that Band, they broke up, but got back together after about 3 months. They changed the Name, and hired Fergie. I was glad that he began Singing with Toto after I left them. He was very great. Jimi Jamison was one of my best Friends for over 30 years, and I sang on about 5 CDs with him. Then, we did the "Kimball/Jamison"CD and he died about 6 months after we did that. It was so sad to me to know he had passed away. I was good Friends with both of those guys.


10  In the year 1997/1998 was published Toto XX and in that occasion Toto call you and Joseph Williams to celebrate 20 years of the band... if next year they will call you again for the 40th anniversary would you join them?

I have let everyone in Toto know that I would do anything with Toto if they ever ask me to. I would love to Sing some more Songs with that Band, because they were always so fantastic. They are the Band which made me familiar with so many people, and I loved Singing a lot of their Big Hit Songs. That was a pleasure.

I would also love to sing with Joseph Williams again. I sang on about 5 CDs with Joseph before he was in Toto. When they asked me to come back into the Band in 1998, we did a Tour in Europe with Me and Joseph together. That was so fun. 


11  On your website it's possible to listen to the recording of Lion from "Isolation" never done before, a wonderful thing for all the fans... did you sing other songs in "Isolation"?

Actually, I sang Lead Vocals on at least 3 of those Songs on the 5th Album. I'll let you know which one's they were. I have a copy of my Vocal on those Songs too. The first one I did was "Lion", because I Co-Wrote that Song with David Paich. Another song I Sang was "Carmen", and I did most of the Background Vocals before I left, and they kept those on the CD. Fergie just copied the Vocals that I Sang Lead Vocals on. He did a wonderful job on all of those Songs he sang. I really liked that Isolation CD he did.


Interview by: Domenico, GGM Studios.

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