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Hard Rock Italia - JAM Interview

How did this project come to life and how did you carry it out?

It was the brainchild of Frontiers Records. Jimi and I have been talking about doing a project together for about 25 years, but never had the time to work on one together.


Is it the arrival point of your memorable careers or is it just a plan involving music and friendship?

I would have to say it's both of those. When we began recording this CD, we had a very strong feeling that it would be a nice work of art musically. I'm certain we'll be writing and recording a lot of things together now that it has begun. We're very good friends, and I love Jimi's voice, and my voice goes very well with his.


How did you get to know each other and what are the most meaningful moments of your friendship?

We began working together about 25 years ago,…..maybe more, but the fun factor was always part of our working together. We sang with several bands, along with 4 or 5 singers on the same concert. Jimi and I always had a lot of fun together, and this was our first chance to come together and make a CD. Now, I can't wait to do the next one with him.


How did the songs come up?

Frontiers sent us about 20 songs to choose from, and Jimi and I picked 12 of the one's we thought would be best for a CD, and for our voices. It was very easy to pick out what parts Jimi should sing, and the one's I should sing. We compliment each other's voices very well in the studio, because I took the high parts (where my voice lives best), and Jimi took the lower parts, which he has a very strong quality about these parts. It was the perfect blend vocally, and I have to say, the most fun I've had in the studio.

The album sounds fresh and the arrangement work sees the cooperations of several artists. Have all the songs been specifically conceived for the album or some of them have been brought back from your musical past?

As far as I know, they were all written for the CD. The "Kimball/Jamison" CD is a very special piece of work, and I'm certain the people who get a chance to hear it will understand what I'm saying about it.


Both songwriting and sound seem to convey a very positive message, full of hope and trast. Is it just my impression?

I think you have a good point. The songs we picked were the one's which fit together well, and I love a great "message song". I agree that the songs are very positive, and special.

Are there songs or lyrics that have a special meaning or message?

When I listen to "Your Photograph", it warms my heart, because the lyrics are so great. Jimi and I did a very nice job on this song, and this is just one of the many songs that moved me so strongly.


Will you go on tour, perhaps visiting Italy too?

We've just been on tour in Germany together. We did two of the songs on a live concert on the radio, and within 2 days, one of the songs was in heavy rotation, and now it's on the charts on that network. I'm very proud of this CD. Since Italy has so many of my good friends, the best food, the finest culture, and so many things I love in this life, I would say it would be a crime not to go to Italy with this CD. Jimi also loves Italy for all the same reasons. I would love to tour in Italy next week if possible, but this takes time. We will tour in Italy as soon as possible.

Melodic rock seems to be everlasting.


Which is the secret recipe for this elixir of life?

What are the new bands you like and who are the new Toto and the new Survivors according to you? "Melodic Rock" is my forte in music. It has been put into the background recently, but I've talked to so many people who would like to see Melodic Rock back on the charts. This CD may be the door that opens that possibility. Great music never seems to die, and Melodic Rock, in my heart, will stand forever. I would like to tell the fans to grab this CD as soon as possible, and do themselves a big favor. I thank you for the questions, and I send much LOVE to the fans out there……………………Bobby

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