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April 4, 2023

Happy 76th Birthday Bobby! 3-29-2023

May 28, 2022

John Zaika is making a great documentary about Bobby: Kite on a String- The Bobby Kimball Story (coming Janyary 2023)

May 9,2020

New look for the menu on mobile devices.


October 16, 2019

New tourdates added Go


April 7, 2019

New tourdates added Go

January 15, 2019

New Artist added to the Singer Corner "Cher Kay" Go

July 6, 2018

New Tourdate added Go

June 8, 2018

New Tourdate added Go

April 13, 2018

New Tourdates added Go

February 20, 2018

New Tourdates added Go

January 18, 2018

New Tourdates added Go


December 1, 2017

New tourdates (UK) added Go

October 27, 2017

New video "You & I" with Bobby and Silvia Vicinelli added Go

October 20, 2017

WNIKA Considered for The Grammys

October 14, 2017

Video "Too Far Behind" added. Go

September 17, 2017

Info added about Too Far Behind, Video.

August 25, 2017

Tourdates with The Rock Pack added Go

Tourdates Australian Tour postponed

August 12, 2017

Update on the South American Tourdates. Go

August 3, 2017

New Tourdate added with Mandoki Soulmates. Go

July 29, 2017

New South American Tourdates Added!!! Go

July 3, 2017

Jeremy Indra from Mexico has been added to our Singers Corner. Please check out this great singer! Go

June 30, 2017

New Tourdates in Australia added "Legend Voices of Rock" Go

May 22, 2017

New Tourdate in Bulgaria added and a bunch of great reviews on WNIKA!

May 12, 2017

Video added of Yambol, Bulgaria and a new tourdate Go

April 20, 2017

Links added to buy Bobby's WNIKA and a new Tourdate in Tunesia

April 19, 2017

Review added WNIKA by Dr. Music Go

April 14, 2017 added and a new video of Bobby

April 12, 2017

WNIKA to be released by Cleopatra Records in the US on April 21st, 2017 Go

December 13, 2016

New interviews added. Go


October 5, 2016

Video added of Bobby doing Vocal Sessions on We're Not In Kansas Anymore. Go


September 19, 2016

New pictures added of Giessen and Eckernförde 2016. Go


September 18, 2016

Website restyled!


September 15, 2016

Bobby's New Album "We're Not In Kansas Anymore" to be released in Japan on November 9, 2016 by: King Records!


August 22, 2016

New tourdates added. Go


July 23, 2016

New tourdates added. Go


June 30, 2016

New pictures added. Bobby at Burglegenfeld, Germany. Go


May 8, 2016

New tourdates added. Go


March 22, 2016

New tourdates added. Go


March 6, 2016

New tourdates added. Go


March 4, 2016

A great story added about S.S. Fools. Written by Michael Allsup. Go


March 3, 2016

Tourdates in Germany and Austria added. Go


February 15, 2016

Soundclips of S.S. Fools added to the site. Go


January 19, 2016

New Interview (audio) added. Go


December 12, 2015

Tourdate added. Festivales de Verano, Chile. Go

Restyled the audioplayers in the Singers Corner. Go


December 7, 2015

Santa's Hat added to the logo. Merry Christmas!!!!!


November 18, 2015

New video added of "Just two Guys" - All I wish for Christmas. A great Christmas Song with a great message. In the light of the cruel terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 13th of November 2015. Go


November 17, 2015

New show added at Fort Myers, November 19, 2015. Go


November 11, 2015

New artist added to the Singers Corner. Check it out!!!! A warm welcome to the talented Sandy Haenel!!! Go


November 11, 2015

New song of Bobby feat. Jonny Zywiciel online "One Day". Taken from Bobby's upcomming album....soon to be released!!! Go


November 7, 2015

Final Mix of "To Far Behind" is online. One of the songs on Bobby's upcomming album....soon to be released!!! Go


October 30, 2015

New Tourdates added in Sweden!!! Go


October 9, 2015

New Tourdates added in South America, Chile! Go


September 16, 2015

New tourdates added. Bobby will team up with Kenny Cetera and Jon Secada! Go


September 7, 2015

Update on Tourdates. Go


September 2, 2015

New Tourdates added. Go


August 31, 2015

Seven Tourdates added in Germany, March 2016! Go


July 27, 2015

New pictures added - Münster 2015 Go

Update on Bobby's upcomming album - Homepage

Small change to navigation menu


July 5, 2015

New Tourdates added - Bobby Kimball Band Live in Sweden Go


July 2, 2015

New video and pictures added of Cannes Film Festival 2015 Go


May 16, 2015

New Tourdates added Go


April 24, 2015

New Tourdates added Go


April 14, 2015

New Tourdates added Go


April 6, 2015

New Tourdate added - Legends of Rock - Cruise 2016 Go


March 31, 2015

New Tourdate added - Cannery Casino Hotel, North Las Vegas - April 4, 2015 Go


March 19, 2015

New tourdate added - Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood Go


March 16, 2015

Bobby about the passing of Michael Porcaro (TOTO) Go

Bobby about the passing of Jimmy Greenspoon (Three Dogs Night). Go

Tourdates added. Go

Lyrics added to "Living Your Life For Happyness". Go


March 5, 2015

New song added: Living Your Life For Happiness. Go

New Tourdates added. Go


March 3, 2015

New pictures added. Go

Change on tourdates.


February 11, 2015

New picture added. Go

New page added: Updates from Bobby. Go


February 9, 2015

New update from Bobby. Go


February 8, 2015

New Tourdates added in Germany. Go


February 4, 2015

New update from Bobby. Go


January 15, 2015

New tourdate added, February 5, 2015 at Hard Rock Cafe - Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico. Go


January 12, 2015

New tourdate added, March 5, 2015 at  Göta Källare - Stockholm, Sweden!  Go


January 5, 2015

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 40th Anniversary. Duet: Giorgio and Bobby! Go


December 30, 2014

2015 Happy New Year Wishes added - homepage.


December 24, 2014

New Tourdates added in Palm Springs and Chicago. Go


December 18, 2014

Great Christmas Song added by: Just Two Guys! Go


December 10, 2014

New picture of Bill Champlin and Bobby added. Go


December 03, 2014

New Tourdate added - Whisky a Go Go West Hollywood. Go


November 27, 2014

Bobby's upcomming Solo Release will be mixed January 5th, 2015 and South American Tourdates for 2015 have been added.


November 18, 2014

New pictures added. Isernhagen and South America 2014. Go


November 12, 2014

Update on tourdates


November 8, 2014

Update on tourdates.


November 4, 2014

Update on tourdates.


October 16, 2014

New pictures added, Palmahia, Colombia September 20, 2014. Go


October 14, 2014

New picture added.


New page adde "Updates".


October 11, 2014

New pictures added of Rock Classic Allstars - Bochum, Germany 2014. Go


New tourdate has been added on November 9, 2014.


October 2, 2014

Accoustic Fever Tour - Bobby will be doing  some awesome shows together with Herman Rarebell.


Audio of The Black Beatles added. Go


September 24, 2014

New Interview added - Something Else!. Go


September 2, 2014

Bobby's reaction on the passing of his friend Jimi Jamison. Go


Mobile version of the website has been released.


August 26, 2014

New tourdate added. Fremont, September 15, 2014.


August 19, 2014

New tourdate added. Budokan, Tokyo, September 26,2014.


August 15, 2014

Restyled the audio players.


August 6, 2014

New tourdates added in South America. Colombio and Panama.


August 5, 2014

New tourdate added. August 14, 2014, Catanzaro Lido - Open Air Concert


July 27, 2014

New tourdates added. Argentina, November 2014


July 23, 2014

New tourdate added. August 17, 2014 - Italy


July 13, 2014

New interview added. Mission Radio. Go


July 2, 2014

New tourdates added. The Far East Tour - October 2014


New Pictures added - St. Kitts. Go

"While the Band of Studio Musicians from LA, and Bill Champlin, Deniece Williams, and Me got to St. Kitts Island in The Caribbean, we were asked to do a Music Clinic for the Prisoners at "her Majesties Prison" there. We were told that many of the prisoners were Musicians, and a lot of them were studying Music Instruments, and Music Writing. They wanted us to tell them about the Music Business and how they could get into the Music scene after their time in Prison was finished. When we got to that Prison, there was a band set up on a stage, and they were playing very well. I went up and sang 4 songs with them, then Bill did 4, and then Deniece did 4. We played for a while with them, and then we went into the meeting room, and had a conversation about Music with all of them. The Audience of Prisoners were absolutely amazed at how great the music was that day. They were all really nice to us, and it was a fun day for all of us."


June 7, 2014

New pictures added - Great TOTO Room in Hotel The Schweizerhof, Lucern, Switserland where Bobby had the pleasure to stay! Go


May 18, 2014

Bobby received the FIM AWARD 2014 - Best Voice - Legend of Rock.


May 9, 2014

New pictures added - south America. Go


April 30, 2014

Download an autographed photo of Bobby. Go


April 16, 2014

Two extra tourdates in Peru added. Cusco - April 25, 2014 and Huancayo - April 27, 2014


April 14, 2014

New tourdates added.  Rome (Italy) and Saarbrucken (Germany).


March 28, 2014

New Interview added. Check out this awesome interview Bobby did with Eddy Meuwese on March 9, 2014. Go


March 7, 2014

Audio added, Bobby as DJ on "100.3 The Sound". Go


February 4, 2014

New interview added, Melodic Rock. Go


New pictures added, Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2014. Go


January 19, 2014

New audio interview added. Bobby and Jasmin about Saving K9 Lives Plus. Go


January 5, 2014

Take a look at these awesome pictures of Bobby in Kyrgyzstan. *New Year's Eve Concert* for the Troops. Go


November 2013

Release of BudaBest Go


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