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Singers Corner - Randy Wright

Dishog - Randy Wright
Samhain - Randy Wright

Name: Randy Wright

Location: North Syracuse, NY

Phone: (315) 452-5899



Experience: I am a professional musician who has been playing full-time since 1987. My primary instrument is my voice, but I am also a keyboardist and drummer of proficient caliber. I write, record and produce original songs ranging from adult contemporary to progressive rock. I have a flair for creating cool hooks and catchy melodies and have my heroes to thank for it. Among them are TOTO, Starship, Dream Theatre, Journey, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Genesis, Foreigner & the Tubes. Not to mention Elvis, Billy & Elton.

Having performed a singles act for nearly 20 years, suffice it to say my singing voice and piano chops are honed razor sharp. I am used to performing 4 hours per night 3-5 nights per week. I have entertained in venues ranging from Vegas show rooms and lounges to corporate functions and receptions. My repertoire is vast as I am like a sponge when it comes to learning tunes. I have over 1000 songs dedicated to memory.

My talents have helped me earn great respect from members of the local and national music industry alike. In April of 2003 I was discovered by Temptations lead vocalist Barrington Henderson. He offered me the opportunity to stay with him in Las Vegas and I accepted. It was there where I recorded keyboard tracks for his solo album titled Best Kept Secret. I was fortunate enough to meet many industry professionals and present myself to the Vegas music market where I was embraced by top entertainment agency Steven Beyer Productions.

Having exhausted my will to play the role of lounge entertainer, I now wish to broaden my professional horizon by touring and recording with a nationally signed and recognized band. I need to come full circle as an entertainer and I believe the time has come for me to pull out all the stops and pound the pavement until I find a spot with a group whose needs are aligned with mine. Bobby Kimball of TOTO is helping me realize this life-long aspiration and for that I am extremely grateful.

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