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Singers Corner - Just Two Guys

I Wish For Christmas - Just Two Guys

Name: Just Two Guys

Location: The Netherlands






The Song: "I Wish For Christmas...(a World Without Fear)"


Somewhere around september of 2014 the two friends Peter van Schie and Claudio Houtman came together and they composed a song: I wish for Christmas.... (a world without fear).


Peter is the guitar player and singer of a famous coverband named The Clarks, in which he plays now for almost 31 year. Claudio is director of a security company, and plays guitar for fun.

Once these two guys sat together they created something beautiful, which they didn't know at that time.

The song is inspired by the almost daily news of war and disaster all over the world, it's song is a message to the world.

It's a beautiful song with a twist of Lennon, and beautiful harmony chorus sang by the two sisters Saskia en Maaike Koele.

The final word has the 8 year old Vlinder Vastrick...It's time to start loving, so don't shed a tear. For you merry Christmas and a happy new year. 


Allt he best for 2015 and enjoy the song !!!!!!

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