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Singers Corner - Elena

Georgia On My Mind - Elena Ekichina
Saving All My Love For You - Elena Ekichina

Name: Elena Ekichina

Location: The Netherlands






Elena Ekichina was born on 10/08/1979 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan and lived there until she was 16 years old. Since 4 years old she began to sing, and since 5 she took part in diverse concert programs.

Her father A.Ekichin, the musician, helped her with that, as well as her mother Tatyana who made stage preparations, like making dresses and working on Elena’s image.

In 1989 Elena was send to the boarding musical school in Karaganda (flute department), where she studied for 6 years.

In 1995 Elena together with her father, emigrated to the Netherlands. After she learned Dutch, she entered the preliminary course of conservatory.

In 2000 Elena started the main course at Amsterdam conservatory (flute class with professor Dieks Visser). After the excellent graduate from conservatory, Elena decided to go on with study in Rotterdam conservatory (second phase) with professor Jo Hagen.

In 2006 Elena graduated from Rotterdam conservatory with a diploma of aspirant.

After the second phase, Elena was busy with concert activities, and her free time was devoted to advanced singing, which was helped by private lessons.

During her study years, Elena had a complete concert activity, because she played in various concert halls from ensemble to orchestra..

After abovementioned, Elena has acquired different genres of music: classical, world music, pop, soul and modern music.

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