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Singers Corner - Douglas

Stop Loving You - Douglas
You Are The Flower - Douglas

Name: Doug

Location: Paris, France

Looking for: A producer, songwriters, manager, someone who can help me to make interesting records!





Experience: I did 2 singles in FRANCE in 1997 and 2002 for a famous producer (ORLANDO / UNIVERSAL ), and wrote a song "PLAYA DE LA LUNA" who obtained good appreciations with european DJ’S during the summer of 2002.

I‘m 34, I sing since the age of 15, I really fell in love with the powerful voices of TOTO and could’t imagine my life without singing in that range, for the rest of my life . So I learned a good technique and wrote my own songs. I ‘m looking for good projects in differents styles (POP , ROCK , HOUSE).

At the moment I‘m lead singer for cover band of TOTO, MICHAEL MCDONALD, KENNY LOGGINS...

All my respect for BOBBY KIMBALL and the entire legend of TOTO.

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