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Singers Corner - BAT

Clouds - BAT
Sorrow Misery - BAT

Name: BAT

Location: Germany

Looking for: melodic Rock/ Hard/ Metal/Coverband

I'm looking for a prof. band that wants to tour and record and looking for lead /backings.


Beate Blisnjuk

Störwiesen 16

24539 Neumünster


Phone: 0049 179 7376068 or 0049 4321 9657766





Experience: Hello, my name is BAT. I'm a german Vocalist with 20 years of live and studio experience. To sing is my passion, and my new band should be professionals.

I`ve got many band experiences in very different projects for example I was the lead vocalist in a coverband named "Still Crazy", also the lead vocalist from the metalband "RAD KICK".

I am 38 year old and been working as a professional singer since 2002.

I consider myself mainly as a Metal Vocalist but I can also sing all sorts of music too.

My favorite bands are Skunk Annasie , Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar and many others If you are looking for a strong female voice give me a call!

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