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Singers Corner - Alan Runyard

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Name: Alan Runyard

Location: Wareham, England

Looking for: Someone who gives me a chance!



Experience: I have been singing since I was 4 years old, nothing professional ly due to the fact I have never had much money and there is no place in Wareham to do singing.

It was not until my mother died 8 years ago that I descded to do something with my talent, she always said I was talented and I should not let my voice go to waist. I joined acting and singing classes at "The Lighthouse *Poole Art Centre*". So I was there for a year. I sang live at "The Wessex Hotel Bournemouth" And got standing ovations in October 2002. My music teacher could not get over the range on my voice, we used to have a exercise where bye we would all stand up (there was about 16 of us men and women) and start at the bottom of the scale and when it got too high for you you had to sit down. On one occaision there was just me and Sue (who was the highest singer in the group) left standing. I have recently made 9 of my own songs , but I play no instruments although I have a YAMAHA PSR 275 keyboard that I am learning to play.

Some weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine that has got a music shop in poole. And he invited me to sing in the shopping centre there on that saturday afternoon I sung 5 songs with no backing just me and the mic a chap come up to me and said it took alot of guts to stand there on my own and sing for a load of strangers, to which I replied "it did not bother me, no one threw anything at me or booed me so I got a result".

After that I saw Sean (my music shop friend) in wareham and he insisted that I try and find myself a band and not let my voice go to waist, as my mother told me years before.

Draw back with that is I know no one who would be interested coupled with the fact I have no money what so ever. I do have a full (clean) drivers licence and a passport, but down to extreme lack of money I have never even been out of the country.

All I need is for some one to give me a chance , and that will not happen here

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