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Tommy Denander & Bobby Kimball - Living Your Life For Happiness



Living Your Life For Happiness


Tommy Denander and Bobby Kimball teamed up together and created this great song called: Living Your Life For Happiness.


Original release year: 2015



“ Living Your Life For Happiness”


You should be living your life, just to

    be a friend

Try to do nothing wrong, every

     moment of time you spend

There’s never a reason, to ignore,

     living the life you defend

Being the person you want to be, only

      brings you happiness

Spending your time to make things

  right, can bring you more success


No one in this world, should ever tell

    you who you gotta be

Living your own life, is the only thing,

    that’ll make you free


 No one’s in control, of anything they

   try to make you change

The secrets of your soul, are things

    that only you can rearrange

All the love within your heart, it

     stays connected to remain

But anyone who gives you orders, just

    know they are insane


Live the truth, shun the lies, never

    believe a liars alibis

Be yourself, don’t scandalize, help

   everyone become Evangelized

Do what you like, like what you do,

   only the things, that you know are


Never give orders, or put people down,  

Do what they love, so they will stay



 Living your life, for Happiness

Keep living a life of Happiness

Just live your whole life for Happiness,


Keep living your life, for sweet success

Just living your life, for Happiness

The love of your life, is what brings

    you Happiness

So keep living your life for Happiness

Living Your Life For Happiness - Tommy Denander & Bobby Kimball
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